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About Us

Unquestionably the world's best pizza maker, Theo realized that there was not available a domestic pizza cooker that really worked. The frustration of always being asked to make/cook pizzas whether for private events or demonstrating their skills in the public arena, lead to the development of the Pizza Perfector

Theo is a celebrity pizza maker and for him, pizza is his life.

The Pizza Perfector is a uniquely designed piece of equipment that can make anyone cook consistent pizza like a World Champion.


The Original Pizza Perfector

  • Designed and used by triple-world Champion Pizza Maker, Theo Kalogeracos
  • Easy to use, countertop pizza oven
  • Portable to be used anywhere/anytime
  • Automatic timer switches off when pizza is done.
  • Rotating tray for even cooking
  • Features upper and lower heating elements which can be used separately or together, giving you
    complete cooking control
  • Suitable for fresh dough, pre-baked frozen or store-bought pizzas
  • Quick! - Perfect pizza cooked in less than 10 minutes - NO PREHEATING REQUIRED

Theo’s Profile


He has a trophy cabinet crammed with awards in recognition of his extraordinary talent in pizza making, but he always kept it out of public view. When asked to comment about his accomplishments during an interview, he simply said,
“ You’re only as good as your last pizza. ”


is a trademark of this person. Yet print, broadcast and online media have described him as reigning pizza supreme world champion in 2010, award-winning pizza maker, and master pizza chef. He bested 400 international pizza chefs three times in the US-based World’s Best Pizza Contest. Not only that, he published an authentic pizza cookbook, Theo & Co. – The Search for the Perfect Pizza, and sold over 15,000 copies.


book and his outstanding culinary accomplishments have made his name, Theo Kalogeracos, known throughout the world. Theo began his pizza business in 1996 in the suburb of Mundaring in Perth, Western Australia. He named the establishment Little Caesar’s after his grandfather, Caesar.


it comes to making pizzas, Theo’s philosophy revolves around freshness, quality, and developing a taste sensation. His innovativeness and refusal to toe the line of the traditional pizza maker eventually led to the creation of a long list of original, distinctively tasty, and award-winning pizzas. Because of his pizza prowess, Theo soon found himself making his mark on the world-stage, with titles such as...

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